The poisoned chalice

Length: 3000 words
This assessment requires you to research the management literature in order to develop solutions to the case study “The Poisoned Chalice.”
The purpose of this assessment is threefold:
1. to ensure that you have the research and referencing skills to succeed in your postgraduate assessment works.
2. to provide you with the opportunity to critically analyse issues that impact on effective management.
3. to enhance your ability to develop solutions to problems drawing upon the research literature.
Details (please read carefully)
Using the following two (2) steps, outlined below, prepare a short report that addresses the issues raised in the case study, and provide a recommendation.
Do not answer the case study questions individually. Use them as a guide. Your analysis should extend beyond the guide questions when analysing the case facts and preparing your report.
Reports that are presented using a simple question and answer format will not earn high marks.
Step 1
Select a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed journal articles dealing with topics or issues raised in the case study.
Step 2
Prepare a report in short format and follow the instructions outlined in the sections below. Use headings and sub-headings as appropriate. Your report must include in-text referencing and a correctly cited list of all references used in the report and ordered alphabetically by surname of first author, in accordance with the Harvard style of referencing
The body of your report can be structured in three (3) sections.
In Section 1 of your report, begin with your introduction. You should then summarise in your own words the main points of each paper selected.
For example, ask yourself questions such as:
  • does the paper review literature that is relevant to the case?
  • does the paper offer any framework for helping us understand the motivations and emotions of the workforce and the values and attitudes of management?
  • how does the paper help us to analyse the case and develop solutions to the problem?
(approx 400 words)
In Section 2 of your report, you should include discussion and analysis of the case. You should draw upon the journal articles, papers and other support references to analyse the problems that you have found in the case study, and link theories to practice. (This is your analysis section of the paper: Who-What-Where-When-Why.) You should refer to the Assessment criteria matrix for additional guidance.)      (approx 1300 words)
In Section 3 of your report, develop a range of options and propose a recommendation for overcoming the problems identified in your analysis. Your options should be supported by the three (3) reviewed articles, but you may also cite other relevant articles and books.
This section should finish with your conclusion.   (1200 words)
You should avoid using “Sections” as a heading for your report segments.
Further details on Report writing and structure can also be found in the Faculty’s Guide for Students.
It is suggested that you critically analyse the information rather than jump to conclusions when preparing your report.

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