“The Greenhouse effect”

For this assignment, you will be introduced to thesubjects of ecosystem,ecology, the earth’s surface temperature, and global climate change to be able to answer the following questions. Write your answers below each designated question, and use complete sentences in the paragraph form. Do not use bullets and lists to answer questions. Your paper must be typed and written in your own words, thus it should be ONLYone page long. You may use your second page only for the citations, and this should be stapled. You should use 11 or 12 points Times New Roman font and no more than 1 inch margins on all sides. DO NOT cut and paste the articles, this will be count as plagiarism and the paper earns zero. Write your name and course hour on top of your assignment. You must turn it in at the beginning of class on the due date. 2 points will be deducted every day for a late assignment.
Hint: find resources by going to library (old fashionedJ). To do that, log on to the Chambers Library site, hit the “articles and databases” link and then the “articles” choice in the drop down menu. Journal articles are good sources too. Another option would be sites like www.pbs.orgor YouTube to watch videos. The site www.sciencenewsdaily.com offers articles as well.
1. What is the greenhouse effect? Explain. (15 points)
2.Give three examples of greenhouse gases?(3 points)
3. What is the global warming and do greenhouse gases have any effect on the global warming? Why or why not? Explain.(10 points)
4. Could we live in the absence of the greenhouse effect? Why or why not? Explain.(10 points)
5.Scientists argue that human activities impact the green house effect including global warming. Name fouractivities of humans and why these activities could cause global warming andclimate change?Explain each activity of humansand its way of impact separately. (20 points)
6. What would you suggest that humans could do to reduce the global warming and to save the ecosystem?(10 points)
7. Give two citations of the resources (articles, videos, movie clips, etc.) you used. You can add a second page to your paper to write the citing.(2 points)

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