Organization Behavior

There are six questions listed below. Select five of these and, using material from the course, provide a concise but thorough response that fully addresses the topic(s). Since this is a take home format, APA formatting and writing mechanics will be graded as well. [Do not answer more than five questions. If you do, only the first five will be graded.] This exam is due by midnight on Saturday, March 15th. Submit the exam through the Submit Assignments folder on the Course Site under Week 7’s content.
1) Chapter 1 of your textbook introduced the concept of competitive advantage and presented its four building blocks. Using information from Amazon’s website and your textbook, explain how Amazon has achieved superior efficiency, quality, innovation and responsiveness to customers. Be sure to identify its major competitors as well.
2) Great managers must be able to fulfill all functions of management, which includes leading others through tough times, offering a compelling vision, and motivating others to follow (enthusiastically if possible). Three remarkable CEOs include: James Burke from Johnson & Johnson, Jim Sinegal of CostCo, and Indira Nooyi of PepsiCo. Using web resources and your textbook, analyze each CEO with regard to their personality traits and how these traits have helped them succeed as managers. Be sure to use the following personality characteristics in your analysis of each: the Big 5 model, locus of control, and emotional intelligence (explaining what the personality characteristics mean, how each CEO rates on those characteristics and how this has helped their success).
3) Using an example of your own, describe an organizational ethical dilemma, explain how you would select the appropriate ethical approach and apply it to make an ethically informed decision. Be sure to provide a detailed example of a dilemma and define the ethical approach you would use before thoroughly applying that approach. Also identify and define the other approaches and why you would not use them for your dilemma.
4) Think of a personal issue about which you’ve needed to make a decision. Using the Rational Model and its steps explain how you would arrive at your decision. Now take the Bounded Rationality Model and, using the same example, explain how you would arrive at your decision.
5) A SWOT Analysis is an important tool in the planning function of management. Visit the website of Samasource and perform a SWOT Analysis that identifies at least 4 factors/attributes in each of the four areas (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
6) Cut and paste the following video link into your browser and watch this TedTalk by Mr. Yves Morieux:
Given what we have discussed in class and read in the textbook about organizational structure how do Mr. Morieux’s ideas impact our understanding of structure? Applying Mr. Morieux’s arguments, what advice would you give to the leaders of a small company who are exploring how best to structure their organization?

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organization behavior

Assignment Instructions
Interview a manager or supervisor who is responsible for completing performance appraisals on people at work. Ask the manager
which aspects of performance appraisal and the performance appraisal process are most difficult and how he or she manages these difficulties.
Include the aspects of his or her job that enable the manager to deal with the difficulties.

Read the chapter first, and prepare your questions in advance.  

Ask for no more than 30 minutes of the person’s time, and respect that when you conduct the interview.

2 single spaced pages.  The title should be the interviewee’s name, title, and place of work.
You are expected to use the text both to compose your questions and in writing the report.

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