Descartes, how does the mind or soul differ from the body

Preferred source (chapter 12): Gary E. Kessler. (2013). Voices of Wisdom: A Multicultural Philosophy Reader, 8th ed. Wadsworth: Cengage Learning.
In your own words, define the following terms:
Mind-body problem
Identity theory
Double-aspect theory
1. According to Descartes, how does the mind or soul differ from the body?
2. Restate in our own words the argument Descartes provided that led him to the conclusion that physical objects exist.
3. Why did Descartes mean when he said that his mind was indivisible but his body was divisible?
4. According to Hinrichs, what are some important differences between a brain and a computer?
5. According to Searle, what causes mental processes?
6. What is the strong artificial intelligence (AI) view, according to Searle?
7. Why is Searle’s refutation of the strong AI view independent of development in computer technology?
8. What is the point of Searle’s example of the Chinese room?

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