Creating Your Business Report

I have attached the paper that you completed. Basically the power point is on the information outlined in the paper. All of three of the recommendations that are listed in the paper should be present in the power point, and all recommendations should be justified in the report.

Task Section D: Creating Your Business Report
Create a multimedia presentation that summarizes your business report. The presentation
should include your three main findings, recommendations and the justification for your
recommendations. The suggested length for the presentation is 8-10 slides but any number of
slides will be accepted for the presentation. If you do not have access to MS PowerPoint, you
can utilize an online tool to create your presentation such as or If you utilize
an online tool, you will want to include a brief explanation in the Notes section of the submittal
tab to explain that your presentation has been included as a web link rather than an attached

Three main research findings
• Your recommendations
• The justification for your recommendations

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