child development

Paper instructions:
Summarize the potential hazards affecting the child. You should attend to problems in all three developmental domains – physical, cognitive, & socioemotional.
Identify the causes.
Articulate the hazards in developmental terminology. The purpose (and ultimately your grade) of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to demonstrate your application of theoretical concepts and terms. Do no simply describe the case.
Make some prediction as to the probable outcome without intervention.
Present an intervention, which may prevent or at least mediate the harm.
Mr. and Mrs. Gannon had reached the end of a long and tortuous journey that took them from the bureaucracies of adoption agencies, the state department, and the Russian authorities to the little orphanage on the outskirts of Kiev. After an entire year they were introduced to their adopted daughter, Irina, who was 18 months old. Within hours they were on a flight to New York and from there to their cozy suburban home in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
The beginnings for all three of them were difficult. Irina was not comfortable with her new parents at first because she had spent most of her life in a single room with 23 other children. And for most of her life she was restricted to her 30-by-48-inch crib, with only a few moments of exercise each day. Her diet had been a combination of diluted and whole milk for the first six months of her life, and then cereal, soups, and some chicken broth since then. She had never been read to and, beyond some cursory talk from the attendants, had not experienced interactive contact with any single person. Music was often played in the orphanage and some of the attendants would sing, joke, and laugh, so the atmosphere was not entirely harsh. For her entire life, she had been out of doors for an exact total of 90 hours—or one hour every Sunday afternoon.
As a result of this deprivation, Irina’s behavior patterns were erratic; sometimes she was extremely unruly, whereas at other times she was almost pathologically still. Of course, she was still in diapers and she recoiled at the use of the toilet, something she had never seen. She slept fitfully and often lingered by the front window, always in the rays of the sun.
Mr. Gannon was a stockbroker and Mrs. Gannon a teacher. They placed Irina in a day care center two weeks after she was brought to their home. The center was highly rated, very expensive, and catered exclusively to parents of high income. Each staff member was certified in early child care and licensed by the state. The center boasted the latest techniques and equipment to meet the developmentally appropriate standards recommended by the state and the National Association of the Education of Young Children. On her first day, Irina sat on her sleeping mat for the entire time and did not move until her parents came at 4:30 to pick her up.

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